10 Ways To Get Out of A Funk

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We’ve all been there, when you don’t feel motivated to shower, let alone get to of bed and be productive. When breathing becomes harder than it sounds. You feel like the anchor of life is weighing heavy on your body and soul. You my friend, are in a funk, and here are some simple task that can help you make your way out of it.

  1. SHOWER- I know you don’t feel up to it, but still do it. Even if its a bath and you stay in there a while, you’ll feel somewhat better and fresher. A simple shower/bath can get the chain of productivity going. When you feel clean, you feel better.DRINK SOME

  2. TEA- Make yourself a fresh warm cup of tea and just sit. Enjoy that small time you have to yourself where nothing is urgent and possibilities are endless.

  3. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS/TO DO's- Those goals may not get done today, or this week, but they give you something to strive for. Even if you cross one out this week, you’re on your way to getting the ball of motivation going. YOU GOT THIS, GIRL!

  4. DO ONE THING FROM YOUR LIST- Pick the easiest and the one that takes the least amount of effort. Empty that sock drawer, have a second cup of tea, and finally do away with all the old, holey socks you’ve been holding on to forever. This may lead to organizing more drawers. You’re welcome :)

  5. WRITE/JOURNAL- So many people underestimate the power of releasing your thoughts onto paper. Whether they’re happy, sad, stressful or wild, write it down. This is your very own space where you can be as creative -or- honest as you want. If doodling helps you take your mind off things, do that too! You’ll sure to feel yourself relieve a load, or two, off your mind. 

  6. FIND SOME INSPIRATIONAL POEMS- If you’re a book worm, like me, an easy-read poetry book about self-love and motivation always puts me in a good mood -or- surf Instagram for immediate access, but steer clear from anything that kills your good vibes.

  7. DISCONNECT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA/EMAILS- We’re living in an instant gratification world, so take a break and don’t reply to Jake about how that conference call when. Stay off of social media. You don’t need to see Sally on the beach in Bali living her best life.

  8. CALL YOUR  MOM/FRIEND- She misses you. And if your mom isn’t your “go-to,” reach out to a long time friend you keep telling yourself you’ll make time for lunch. Although you don’t feel like it, go to that lunch date. You might be surprised that you’re not the only one dealing with life. 

  9. BUILD A GIRL TRIBE- Not all of us are lucky enough to have a group of BFF’s who we can call and vent to, find some. Get together once a week or two, find something you all have in common and do that. If you all love to read, make a book club - or- join one. Even if it a virtual book club, you’re sure to feel like you’re part of something great.

  10. TAKE YOURSELF OUT ON A DATE- If you love golf, movies or food, treat yourself to something nice and easy. Maybe you’ve been eyeing that little bar down the street with the live band on Friday nights, but no date, no problem. Dress up, go buy a drink and enjoy the music. You might be there for the band, but you may end up staying for other reasons.



Article Featured on Harness Magazine, 2019

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