Claim Your Greatness

What comes to mind when someone says “claim your greatness?” How does it make you feel?

As I drove home from work one day, I was thinking about an article that I read the night before and it said “claim your greatness.” At first I thought what does that mean?! But as I thought more and more about it throughout the day, it hit me! Well, two thoughts hit me.

The first, it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Whether you have a skill that you’re amazing at, or you have the best shoulder to cry on, there is no limit to what it can mean.

And the second, why don't we claim our greatness? Especially women. Why is that men can boast around celebrating their accomplishments, but when a women does it she’s being stuck up or just showing off? Personally, I hate that us women do this to each other.

It was only recently that I decided to "claim my greatness." Writing is what I know I love to do always and if I couldn't anymore you might as well lock me up in a tower, but my confidence tarnished in that department my last semester in college. I was on the school paper committee and I was over the moon to get started.

As the semester went on the instructor began to take apart my work and making rude comments. Every week that went by I was losing my confidence and excitement to work. At first, I was given approval for all the stories I pitched, but towards the end of the semester I was put on "entertainment watch."

I love music and fashion the same as the next person, but my heart wasn't in it. She talked even worse about those assignments, still published them, but I can tell I wasn't her favorite student.

Every night I'd lay in bed and question myself. Am I good enough to land a writing job? Is my work THAT horrible? Why is she being so mean about my work and praises everyone else? She'd yet to say one nice thing to me and the semester was almost over. At this point I just wanted to walk across that stage at graduation and never look back.

Graduation should've been a great day because it signified I'd accomplish something great, but I felt like a fraud. I sat through the entire ceremony thinking how much of a failure I was. It only took her, a Los Angeles Times writer, to tell me my work was trash. I didn't write for a year.

Claiming my greatness after this disastrous time wasn't easy. In fact, it made me anxious and flooded my brain with a million questions that later turned into doubts. One of them was if I should even publish this website. But I did.

I noticed how the anxiety of that one person was crippling my vision for success. And then it hit me again! Us women sometimes stand in our own way of breaking free from our suppressers. I allowed that one instructor to convince me that my work was going nowhere. That's what anxiety does, it makes you question your talent, your voice and your ability to live in the moment.

You have to want it more than others want it for you. You have to do the work and see where it takes you. Don't be afraid of being amazing! Those who see you as a threat haven't found themselves. Don't hid yourself and your CLAIM YOUR GREATNESS.

The day I published this site, I felt like all senses had left my body and I wanted to hide under a rock because I was worried about the negative things people would say. I wasn't sure that I had mentally prepared myself for that. I still struggle with calming my greatness, but it makes it easier knowing that the purpose for this site is to speak on the things we struggle with.

I decided that I was never giving anyone else that power over myself or my work. If I don't believe in my work, then who will? I hope this post finds you well and has inspired you to claim you greatness. Even if you claim a little bit of it, it might just boost your confidence to claim it all ;)



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