Easy Skin Care Routine for Beginners

Updated: Jan 22

Often times I'm asked how I keep my face so clear. I take this as a compliment. I too have my fair share of giant, red pimples big enough to be part of the solar system. And even though taking care of my skin is a priority to me, I realize its not the case for many. Here are four easy steps to get you started and help "put your best face forward" in 2021.

First a list of things you'll need..

  1. exfoliating brush

  2. cleanser

  3. face towel

  4. toner

  5. cotton balls

  6. serum

  7. moisturizer/SPF

STEP 1: Cleanser

Use any face cleanser of your choice. If you begin to notice breakout and redness, discard using. That usually means something the ingredients isn't agreeing with your face, and therefore finding the perfect cleanser might take some time. Try cleansers advertised for sensitive skin.

Along with the cleanser you want to use an exfoliating brush to help scrub away dead skin and makeup. Exfoliating is recommended to do 2-3 times a week. Scrub in circular motions. Really take your time and give yourself a little massage. You've earned a little "me time."

I personally like to use a traditional brush. Something along the likes of a bigger tooth brush version. I don't like to use silicon brushes. I don't feel like my face gets a good scrub. Don't use anything that is too rough or that will scratch your face. This also might take some time to find a brush that you feel does the job. Be patient. If you feel like you don't have time to throughly exfoliate, adding it to your planner to-do's is a good way of getting into the habit of remembering.

STEP 2: Toner

Once you've pat your face and neck nice and dry, go over your face with a toner and cotton ball. This will remove dirt, oils and excess makeup that your brush missed.

Cleaning around your neck is always a good idea. After all, it is the area that begins to age quicker on a woman. Let's keep that neck nice and youthful ;)

STEP 3: Serum

Rub about a quarter size of your preferred serum onto your face and massage going down into your neck. Depending on your skin, serums are great for controlling acne, fade dark spots, iron out wrinkles, and of course, keep your skin glow and healthy.

Let dry and then continue on to step 4.

Step 4: Moisturizer

Again, using about a quarter size of moisturizer, massage it into your face and neck.

Moisturizer is important for both dry and oil skins because it keeps them from becoming too dry or too oily. If not moisturized daily, both skins types can produce acne and skin blemishes. Keeping a balance is work, but rewarding.

Light, air, and sun can cause skin damage, therefore, using a moisturizer with SPF is recommended. if your foundation already has SPF, great! Pay attention to how your skin reacts. Some skin types don't like it mixed in with moisturizer or makeup. If so, use separately. Using a moisturizer with SPF works best for me because I don't wear foundation daily, and still getting sun protection.


STEP 5: Apply Make-Up Primer

Applying a make-up primer before your glam session *wink wink* will give you a protection layer that keeps your makeup from creasing and staying fresh longer.

DON'T FORGET to wash you brushes and sponges often! This helps keep bacteria from growing and transferring to your face. Your face will thank you! :)


I follow steps 1 and 2 (only exfoliating 2-3 times a week) and skip the rest. Instead, I opt for a face mask. Sometimes it's a night cream and other times it's a sheet face mask that you can find at the drug store.

Four steps, not so bad, right?

Hope this helps your beautiful faces :)

XoXo, Prescilla

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