Staying Motivated During Covid-19

It’s only been a month and half since we've gone into quarantine and I for one, am over it. Truth be told, I didn't think it would be this torturous for me. I'm usually one to say no to last minute plans and doing my makeup and hair feels like the most tedious task ever. I'm almost regretting all the times I could've gone shopping for a new outfit, but instead recycle an old one because I was too lazy to drive.

Does anyone else feel like we've gone back in time to an episode of Leave it To Beaver? When families dined together and the kids shared the highlights of their day. It's as if the old days have returned. I know we're in a pandemic, but let's switch up our perception for a bit.

Kids were in school, yes, but nothing (I mean nothing) can beat the memories families are making right now. Parents and kids are making Tik Tok videos, TOGETHER! (hilarious! Our parents looked at us 90's kids crazy if they had this in our time). And homeschooling isn't the ideal situation, but think about how you wished you were able to spend more time with them before this pandemic. It's family time 2.0 and family is everything.

The people who buckle you down when you need it and the ones who cheer you on when you’ve taken a huge step of accomplishment. Without them, we’d be lost. I know, I know, some of us will never forget the year coronavirus ruined our birthday, graduation, and travel plans. But they will always remember the time everyone was home working on a 3k piece puzzle together or those cute DIY's.

Instead of complaining and being upset at the situation, I encourage you to dig deep and come up with the most creative relay race (have you yelled THE FLOOR IS LAVA! yet?), painting or LEGO masterpiece. Parents, grab a cup of coffee and soak it all in while you have the time because before you know it your kiddies won’t be kiddie anymore. Or that childless couple, this will be the true test of how much you can tolerate your partner in your space (lol). All the single ladies (doing Beyoncé's dance here) now is the perfect time to get to know who are, set boundaries and enjoy the alone time (with wine, of course).

In the midst of all this panic I remind myself to be grateful. Grateful that I'm still generating an income and grateful to be healthy.

We are being given the gift of time. Take advantage of it! Or don't and just lounge around (but stay home!).

We’re all missing someone and something. So, when you’re feeling down, take a couple deep breathes and remind yourself that although times are weird, we have no control and we’re doing the best we can.



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