Stuck in Quarantine

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We're a couple weeks into quarantine and you probably feel like you've done every thing under the roof ;)

Well, now is the time to put that mental list you've been keeping to work -or- peep the list below to make the most of your quarantine time alone and/or with the kids.


Organize the Tupperware

Clean out the closets 

Clean out the fridge 

Shred that pile of papers

Take a virtual creative writing/art class

Start/finish a book

Learn a new dance, like salsa

Create a vision board 

Clean out your phone 

Clean out the garage

Wash/clean out your car 

Start a journal for each child and gift to them on their 18th birthday.

Learn to sew

Learn a new language

Check on our neighbor

Make a list of place you'd like to visit after quarantine

Do your own nails

Paint the room


Watch a concert online

Rearrange the house

Deep clean the floors/carpet

Educate yourself on the stock market and 401

Get a life insurance policy


Create science DIY projects from youtube

Make a bird feeder

Make cards to be mailed to a Children's Hospital of your choice

Built forts in the living room and let them sleep in it.

Family lip sync battle

Rewatch all Disney movies -or- 90's movies

Make a time capsule

Camp out in the backyard

Make a recipe everyday from the recipe book

Teach the kiddos how to make a grilled cheese (w/ supervision of course)

Art challenge (make art of something/someone everyday)

Plant a garden 

Paint rocks to decorate the yard/garden

Family cook off

Make popsicles

Scavenger hunt

Play charades

Nerf gun war

Let the kids make journals to draw/write in

Potty train

Make a movie, starring the kids

Make up your own jeopardy game

Make friendship bracelets and mail them


Do yoga everyday

Meditate before starting your day

Warm bath


Clean our your make up bag

Drink water!

Give yourself a facial

Face masks


Disconnect from social media

Subscribe to self improvement podcast

Stay Home, Stay Safe



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