Workplace Wellness During Covid-19

While most workplaces are beginning open, it is important that we continue to take precautions in effort to flatten the curve. We aren't in the clear yet, folks.

Whether you're back in the office or working from your home office, here are some tips to help make your space/time enjoyable.

1. Pick a space- Set your work and desk in a space that better motivates and puts you in a good mood. A space near a window with sunlight works best to keep you awake and focused. And in the end we're just plants with emotions who need sunlight.

2. Decor- If you're allowed, add some decor. Take a trip to Target (like we need an excuse to go!) and pick out some cute objects like, a small plant, a frame, pencil/pen holder, post-its, and mousepad. You can even take it a step further and add some color with push-pins, paperclips, staples, file folders. Don't forget about the walls! I love a nice board to pin important reminders.

3. Lunch- Even if you're working from home, prepping your lunch is still a good idea. It helps from spending long trips to the kitchen and overeating. You'll be sure to stay on schedule.

4. Break- Remember to take a break. Taking a 15 minute walk will usually do the trick and help you refocus your energy to avoid feeling burnt out.

5. Coworkers- If you're back at the office, create better, positive relationships. You may not have missed everyone, but it's worth a shot. After months of quarantine maybe they've learned to value face-to-face conversations and treat others better. Like my dad always told me "as long as you're good to people, no-one cause say otherwise."



P.S. Wear your mask, but make it fashion, ladies.

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