You Don't Need Permission To Start Over

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Ever feel like you just need a clean slate? You need a do-over from that disastrous breakup or life-sucking job? Or maybe it’s not any of those things, but you’re feeling burnt out and out of sync with who you feel you were meant to be? OR is 30 approaching? Start over!

BUT, If you’re going through a break up, let me tell you that it gets better. You can come out the other end much brighter and happier. It is possible. Right now it may not seem that way, but it will! The world feels like it’s falling apart, but really things are fall into place for you.

Here are five ways to kick start you new journey.

1. Get some friends together and plan a getaway- It doesn’t have to be to anywhere far, and chances are they probably need a break too. If you read my post about “The Time Costa Rica Put Me Back Together” you know what what I’m talking about. Getting away from you normal surroundings puts life in perspective. It clears your head in way that exercise doesn’t. 2. Create a list of goals-On this list you want to your list the goals you most want to accomplish. Maybe you want to change jobs or move up to a higher paying position within the company. Have a baby, date more or move out of state. This list will get your juices flowing on how you need to make your goals happen.

3. Create list adventures- This list are your most personal or while adventures that you’ve always wanted to try but maybe was too afraid to do. They can be anything from hiking a 3 mile trail that you don’t think you can do or try snowboarding. Even if you haven’t come up with a plan for list #2, you’re still crossing off goals from list #3 :)

4. Stop giving your energy to negative people-Sometimes that includes family and friends. Pay attention to the vibe you feel when you’re around certain people. If you feel something is off, start to keep your distance. You’re allowed. Remember, you’re not asking for permission anymore. You’ll soon that your circle gets small, but your mental energy will grow bigger. Go for quality not quantity.

5. Clear your mind and let go of the past- Part of moving on is getting clear on who you are/who you want to be and leaving the past in the past. Write down all the parts of you that are great and the habits you need to improve. Hold yourself accountable for your mistakes, forgive yourself and leave the past in the past. Like Maya Angelou says “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, you do better.” Don’t keep replaying the past in your mind. You’re not going that way!

As I approached 30, I began to realize why 30 somethings loved being 30 something. You find a new sense of self. You know who you are, what you like and don’t settle for anything less. It is as amazing as they say. You’re more comfortable with who you are, and frankly more accepting of others, hopefully. I hope this list has helped you put your life into focus.



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